The Eminence Project was a multi-year, many-headed, and often mind-bendingly complex initiative that had as one of its goals the redesign of the iconic Pepsi single-serve drink bottle. While Industrial Design Director at Tether, our team worked closely with marketing, manufacturing, infrastructure, and brand personnel in order to establish a new set of touchpoint parameters around which to build the new bottle structures. Our team was responsible for the bottle 'architecture' in general - making it hold carbonated liquid and be manufactured - as well as the design of the two bottles on the left - the Pepsi 'Axl' and the co-packer/sub-brand oriented 'Ripples' 20oz PET structures.
This was my first exposure to the world of extremely high production. Terms like gram weights, pre-forms, petaloid bases, top loading, and heat stress needed to be internalized while the designers persevered through the process. I am proud of the effort and of the team that completed this project.