Precor P62 Fitness Console
The Precor P62 Console, introduced in 2016, integrates network connectivity, asset management, HD and internet entertainment content, and personal training programs in a compact package. Serving as the 'head' of the fitness equipment products, P62 is shaped by the motion of the exerciser and reliability needs of the fitness club customer. Numerous strategies were employed in the conception of P62 to enable operational efficiency in manufacturing, leading to streamlined production and better value to the customer and end user. The front-loaded glass assembly utilizes a combination of 10.1" 1080p LCD touchscreen and five additional capacitive touch sensors for essential functionality. Surfacing development reflects exerciser hand positions and view angles, and streamlined airflow details contribute to a robust, refined appearance. A rugged and refined design language provides for grab affordances along sides, liquid spill management, ease of cleaning, and tool-less access to component servicing in the field.
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