Interacting with an electronic console while exercising on stationary fitness equipment presents a unique set of challenges. Unlike car seats or bicycles, the range of size adjustments that are possible with fitness equipment are nonexistent or limited. Coordination, attention, and muscular response is focused on the exertions of the workout, not just on manipulating data in a controlled workspace. Environmental factors like noise, sweat, bottled water, glare, and cleaning fluids do their collective best to disrupt or destroy equipment.
I worked with a team of designers to understand and design solutions for these issues on the new Precor consoles, motivated by the mantra of “Fitness First”. The new consoles were intended to do much more than simply display your workout data, combining rich media experiences, captivating workout graphics, and personalized fitness plans. I was responsible for generative user research into head/eye position, manual reach and hand bracing, and developed a matrix of ‘zones’ to define specific control areas.
In addition, I designed, prototyped, and physically tested several machine control concepts before settling on the “pitch control” toggles as the most appropriate mechanisms for fitness equipment input.
Responsible for user research; display and control ergonomic requirements; sketch and Illustrator concepts; physical prototyping. Also responsible for new treadmill dashboard design, architecture, and final surfacing.