The Precor EFX 5.37 elliptical trainer from Precor is intended to bring commercial fitness quality and performance into the home. Our research indicated that working out at home is a fundamentally different experience from exercising in a fitness club. Our team’s design effort focused on creating a new visual and experiential language tailored to modern home environments. Subdued colors, honest materials, and warm finishes relate these trainers to other home furnishings, delivering a product that people will be proud to display in their homes. Convertible Arms allow users to switch between fixed handlebars focusing on the lower body, to moving bars for a Total Body workout.
We enabled better visibility over the display for viewing television, and under the display for seeing pets or children that may be in front of the user. A compartment on the front covers keeps magazines in easy reach. The display tray table keeps favorite items close at hand, with sections for a large water bottle, TV remotes, cellphones, and music players.