The Precor AMT 100i is a new type of commercial-grade cardio fitness product that delivers a fluid yet non-repetitive motion. AMT ‘adapts’ and instantly customizes to fit each individual user’s body size and fitness goals. AMT is optimized for low-impact, high-intensity workouts in motions ranging from stair-stepping to running, and provides a superior aerobic benefit compared to other fitness equipment. With AMT, the user can completely change the movement path at any point without pushing a button; likened to running on air, it moves at the “speed of thought”. AMT combines the motions of ellipticals, treadmills, and climbers in a single product, communicating workout efficiency through the Stride Dial interface.
Responsible for conceptual design, basic product architecture, coordinating user research into Stride Dial, final surfacing, and color/material/finish.
Physio and early ergo research exploration including VO2 "pain cave" testing. Engineering prototype dubbed 'Terminator'.