2004 IDEA Gold Award.
2006 Ironman World Championships, 2nd Place Overall.
The Kestrel Airfoil Pro time trial bicycle is a dramatic expression of speed, rendered in carbon fiber. Designed around a “missing” seat tube, the frame imparts a mild shock absorbing quality to the triathlete, thus saving energy for the final running segment. The wide, flat seatstays push the center of pressure rearward, allowing the bike to act like a sail in a crosswind.
Responsible for: Original concept, assembly architecture, NURBS reference surfaces, metal details.
 "The seatstay wishbone and integrated 1 1/8” headtube feature visually striking angular transitions." - triathletemag.com 
“3.0 lb frame. Kestrel's latest and fastest aerodynamic masterpiece. Full range of sizes in two wheel diameters...If James T. Kirk had a bike...this would probably be it...” - roadbikereview.com
Designed with IDE Inc.
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