Kestrel 4000 LTD Time Trial Bicycle
Kestrel wanted to expand their reach into the premium competition market by developing a revolutionary high-end time trial bike. The development effort included using the industrial design process to: establish a Kestrel visual brand language; integrate revolutionary molded-composite features with cutting-edge aesthetic identity; and innovate within the confines of UCI regulations through innovative 3D problem solving.
The concept uses a ruthlessly horizontal line cutting through the frame to define the seatstay bridge, fork crown, and link the other tubes together. It embodies the visible idea of horizontal airflow smoothly parting over complex surfacing. In addition, the tube profiles communicate high technicality by using NACA airfoil shapes. Tradition, comfort, and technology are combined in the 4000LTD. Ridden by members of the Footon-Servetto team in the 2010 Giro D’Italia and Tour de France, as well as top professional triathletes.
Designed in collaboration with Anvil Studios, Seattle.
A disguised 4000 in Footon/Servetto team Fuji paint, at the 2012 Giro D'Italia.
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