I'm an industrial designer devoted to growing ideas into manufactured products, and I enjoy working on human-scale designed structures with a high degree of physical interaction.
As the I.D. manager at Precor, I work on improving our group's design response to corporate strategy and helping designers develop both technical and narrative creativity. I am passionate about coordinating the talents and efforts of a design team, using task-based and behavioral leadership principles to create environments where people do their best work.
Key elements of my process include collaborating across disciplines, iterative prototyping, developing systems to define program parameters, and informed intuition. I synthesize research and insights from users, transforming them into a robust design target to advance brands and create value for companies and clients.
My own design work is characterized by strong material purity, appropriate solutions, and production-ready design integrity.
The most satisfying aspect of my work is when I get to see it used, in the real world, by real people. My projects get molded, printed, machined, built-up, ridden, lifted, sweat on, rinsed off, repaired, lived with, and loved.
My hands-on engagement, attention to the details, and immersion in the multidisciplinary process of every project result in successful product introductions and benefits to the bottom line. Please have a look at these select projects, and feel free to reach out with comments or questions.